About Charlie

If I’m left to my own devices for too long, I travel.

After I finally finished my wearisome degree in Biochemistry, there remained the question – what the hell was I supposed to do now? While my overly zealous coursemates joined grad-schemes, got jobs or *shudder* enrolled in further study… I was left thinking that all of the options available to me sounded dreadful.

So I moved to Australia and travelled the world for 19 months.

It was pretty epic. I made a lot of memories. Visited 14 countries in the end I think, and came back pretty fatigued with the whole thing and actually keen to get a job. Can you imagine? I remember the thing I missed most was having STUFF. And somewhere to put it that wasn’t my rucksack.

For the four years since, I’ve lived in London. I worked on my career in tech consultancy, settled into a 9 to 5 kinda life and travelling was relegated to something I did for just 25 days a year.

For me, 2018 was an unmitigated disaster of a year which took all of 2019 to get over. After getting over all of that, I suddenly felt like it was time to go back to what I do best; pursue the nomadic lifestyle once again and travel the world.

Now that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, my travel plans have unfortunately had to be pushed back. For now I’m biding my time until I can get my one way ticket out of the UK, live and explore Japan for a year and see what else the world has to offer. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. At last have had time to sit down and look at your blog. Very impressive, I am going to have great interest in following you on your adventure, you certainly won’t get lonely with me blogging you. Can anyone else read this – too embarrassing lots of love Auntie Jane x


    1. Well I can’t drive so throughout the US I’ve relied on intercity buses as well as a few domestic flights! I was warned it wouldn’t be easy but I haven’t had too much trouble. Spread the word – backpacking the States is definitely possible!


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