I was chatting with a friend yesterday, telling him the preliminary plans for my trip. I haven’t worked out all the details obviously, but he was right in saying that once you book the first flight, everything else rapidly begins to fall into place. I’ve read from numerous sources that you shouldn’t “overplan” things. Gotta leave some freedom for plans changing last minute. Although it pays to be prepared and knowledgeable about the available options, the nature of travelling is just to make it up as you go along!


A few days ago I booked my first flight to Spain. I’m staying with a really good friend of mine I went to school with named Patricia, who has been enjoying a year abroad as part of her degree. As a result I haven’t seen much of her this past year so when she invited me to stay I just couldn’t say no! So my main motivation for visiting was to hang out with her, but after looking into the city a little bit, I’ve discovered that Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain is one of the most religious cities in the world, as well as being full of stunning architecture and also renowned for its cuisine. Needless to say I’m super excited to check it out. After Santiago I’m gonna jump on a train to Madrid, which I’m just as eager to visit as I’ve only heard good things about the Spanish capital!

France is lame

For the past week I’ve been pretty capricious about the itinerary between Madrid and Berlin. I eventually decided on a route, but then the prices of flights put me off it. Basically France absolutely sucks and it’s so awkward and pricey to travel around it!! So now I’m planning to bypass the whole country, and head straight to Switzerland, where a uni friend/old housemate of mine named Richard is lingering after finishing his year abroad in Lausanne. It’s ironic actually that to avoid très cher France I’m going to Switzerland, which is even more ludicrously expensive to get around. But I have a friend to visit and free accommodation to take advantage of so it works out alright. I’m hoping to also visit the capital, Bern, for a couple of nights while I’m there, before heading back to Geneva airport to fly on to Berlin.

I think I might just be the only person I know that’s never visited Berlin. I blame the guy I went interrailing with in 2012. He’d been to Berlin already and apparently hated it, so refused to return. Instead we went to Cologne. However I recently heard that he now lives in Berlin because he loves it so much, what an absolute douche! Anyway, a friend who did a year abroad from Heidelberg University to mine has suggested we hang out in her native capital city. I’ve heard about Berlin’s awesome underground scene, its graffiti art and of course its tumultuous history. I just know that I’m going to love it! No idea how long I’m staying; at the moment it’s an open ended stay 😉

My graduation is October 22nd so I’ll be in no rush to get back to the UK, so something I’m going to look into is some kind of volunteering or WWOOFing in Denmark after Berlin. Work a few hours a day in exchange for room and board. It’s something I want to sample doing closer to home before risking it when I’m on the other side of the world, just in case I hate it. I have friends that have tried WWOOFing in Italy and they had an awesome (albeit backbreaking) time, and who knows, maybe I’ll love it too.

But also some procrastination…

Something I’m beginning to realise is that I should definitely not just be planning this trip to Europe, but also getting things all sorted for when I go to the States. Booking my flights, warning the family I have out there, and getting some accommodation sorted! So much to do, but man am I lazy. Think I’ll do it a bit later…


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