Super Hand Luggage

Even though I fancy myself as a relatively competent backpacker, something I’m pretty hopeless at is packing light. For example this summer I spent in a friend’s flat in London for about two months. I don’t know how I managed it but I took sooooo much stuff with me. Clothes mostly. And I hardly wore most of it. I could definitely have got by with less. Backpacking is supposed to be about wearing the same outfit every day for three weeks; your socks being so rancid they begin crawling across the floor by themselves and your t-shirts being in such a sorry state it’s easier just to buy a new one than try to wash them. So as a kind of challenge/because I have no other choice, I’m only taking a standard Herschel rucksack with me for the next three weeks. In which time I’m going to be sightseeing in warm cities in Spain, hiking in mountains at pretty high and chilly altitudes in Switzerland (and probably getting rained on) as well as clubbing in Berlin… essentially, I somehow need to pack for every eventuality in just this…


Writing all that out has just made me realise how stupid this idea is; I don’t have a separate day pack so I’ll have to completely empty out all my stuff each day, it’s completely inappropriate for hiking and has no secret compartments to hide passports and other documents. So I would definitely not recommend you follow my example, just in case you were thinking I was some kind of person that gives good advice; I’m really not.

Anywho, got my itinerary pretty much decided now; spending the weekend in Santiago de Compostela with Patricia, then getting a coach to Salamanca for a night, before going on to Madrid for three nights in a hostel. Fly on from there on the 5th Sept, to Geneva. Andddd ok I lied, my itinerary for Switzerland isn’t quite decided yet, but I’m spending some days in Lausanne, visiting Bern, and Richard, my host, insists we should visit Zermatt for some hiking. Which all sounds good to me! Then flying to Berlin and hanging out with Isabel in a hostel for a few nights. Not sure what to see first when in the city but hopefully she’ll have some ideas!

I’d love to waffle on for another 500 words but I’m afraid I have to leave to catch the bus. Wish me luck! Next post from Spain =)


    1. I only managed to fit one in! Best of Lonely Planet travel writing… I plan to swap it with another traveller when I’m done. And sometimes there are bookshelves in hostels where you can exchange books!


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