The Easiest Thing in the World

And I’m not talking about your mum. Waheyyy!

At 2pm today I decided I better stop procrastinating and actually apply for my Australian Working Holiday Visa. I mean I’d been going round telling people for about two months I was moving to Australia so it would have been pretty embarrassing if it had turned out I wasn’t actually allowed to go. I considered getting the folks at STA travel to sort it for me, but here’s a disclaimer;


Luckily a friend of mine convinced me to try and do the application for myself. I mean I’m a smart guy; I did get a merit in my Grade 5 Theory after all. The form didn’t take long to fill out, perhaps half an hour. After assuring the website I hadn’t been convicted of war crimes and that I didn’t intend to get pregnant whilst in Australia, I sent it off. It was super easy so don’t pay someone to do it for you! Have some self respect.

What I didn’t expect was an email six hours later saying my visa had been granted. It was… done? Really? It was that easy!? I genuinely had more trouble getting my last library card. Wow. I’m not complaining, but it just seems… too simple and stress free. Oh Australia, you are trusting 😉

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