Work it Baby

Whoops, it’s been ages again. Well I have some good news about that. It’s because I have a jobbbbbb!

And I’ve been working my butt off the past week – 9 hour shifts on 9 of the last 10 days. I get this weekend off which is so welcome. My top priorities are to Skype my parents (it’s UK Mother’s Day tomorrow, let’s hope my card gets there in time) and to write this post. So here we go.

Wow did I sound pissed last time. I was feeling really dejected and hopeless. I’d never done a job search like that before. I gotta confess I’ve never been in a situation where I needed to work to support myself (go ahead and call me spoilt) cus of living at home and then uni. So it was a big challenge for me and it seemed insuperable. I began to lose all confidence and honestly believed every potential employer would only see me as a burden. I couldn’t see why anyone should give me a chance. This attitude coupled with having to be constantly peppy and resilient in the face of so many refusals got me super miserable, to the point where Freddie shouted at me to snap me out of it. Lol.

Luckily around that time I did land an actual job, and although I was dreading actually going to it (thinking I was in over my head) I’ve grown to enjoy it and have learnt tonnes.

I kept hearing about how easy it seemed for girls to get work in pubs. Fair enough, they want good looking young females to serve behind the bar. Well Freddie and I decided that by the same logic we might have a shot at getting work in gay bars. And what luck, we were asking around the week before Mardi Gras, the biggest gay event of the year. We were successful at securing trials at various places. I was offered employment at The Colombian Hotel and Freddie at the nearby Oxford Hotel. Whoop whoop.

So our first weekend working was the busiest one of the year. It was crazy, and it was challenging, but so much fun. The atmosphere was amazing and it was great to be involved, and get paid at the same time! It was my bar’s policy for every bartender to work shirtless over Mardi Gras weekend, which was something I was initially quite uncomfortable with, but I got caught up in the spirit of the occasion… and the $500 in tips I earnt definitely distracted me from my reservations. I had one day off on Monday and then worked four shifts this week. I feel like I’ve worked there for months, not two weeks, and am enjoying it way more than I expected. Or probably any of my friends or family would have either. I reckon since I’ve started I’ve earned $2000 already; after tax. Nice!

So, I have a job. I can support myself in Sydney and put away enough money each week to fund my travels around Australia later in the year. The next step is to find some long term accommodation. Can Freddie and I agree on what to do and where to stay? This remains to be seen…

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