Revisiting Brissie

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I took a short trip to Brisbane the other week to visit my boyfriend Jake in Brisbane. Sydney to Brissie is over 450 miles. That’s more than the length of England, and slightly more than London to Edinburgh. When our schedules allow we fly to see the other, which can cost as little as $60 each way and takes just 1 hour and 15 minutes. Jake is Australian, a native of the Sunshine Coast who studies Finance at the University of Queensland. We met the first week I arrived in the country back in January. Long distance is obviously a bit pants, but I want to live in Sydney and he needs to stay studying in Brisbane. And without getting too sentimental about it (as an English person I won’t tolerate it), one day together is worth two weeks apart ☺

Anyway, Jake and I didn’t do that many exhilarating things in the 5 days I was there, seeing as I’d done most of the tourist attractions in the three weeks I spent there earlier in the year. However I get told I don’t update enough so I thought I’d just put up a short picture post. The weather in Brisbane was a divine 25°C each day with no clouds… in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter! We ate some great food, went to see Pitch Perfect 2, cooked, went for walks round the city… had a wonderful time. I was quickly reminded how cool this little city was =)


South Bank beach in the city centre

Jake and I in the Botanical Gardens

Roma Street Parklands

A bad picture of a great meal - got 45% off this fancy spread because of Jake's staff discount at Hatch & Co.

Palms in the Botanical Gardens

Lying underneath said palms

Gasworks plaza near to Jake's apartment

Didn’t take so many photos I guess because I was preoccupied. More in the next few posts though!

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