Over the past few weeks, increasingly severe restrictions have come into force across the UK in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This week, BoJo finally told the country that we are in lockdown and that we must remain indoors except for the most essential of trips. It comes as no great surprise. In my view we should have started doing this a while ago. But nevertheless, here we are. Confined to our homes.

What does that mean for a guy who writes a travel blog? Firstly, it means I’m unlikely to have any brand new content/countries to write about as I’m not travelling anywhere other than my sofa for the forseeable. However as I write this, some ideas do come to mind of things I could write about so I’ll just have to get creative!

Throwback to me happily exploring Ohrid in Macedonia

The main news is regarding my trip to Japan. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you may know that at the end of this month I planned to hand in my notice at work and in May fly off to Japan to backpack all over the country and find some work there for about a year. After agonising over the decision, I finally decided that I have no choice but to postpone this trip.

The reasons that led me there are numerous. Mainly, I am concerned for my family. The thought of being thousands of miles away if any of them were to catch the virus is unthinkable. Sure, I probably can’t do much for them even if I am here in the UK. But being in the same time zone and just a 3 hour journey away in an emergency is clearly preferable. My other main concern is that while Japan is dealing with the virus much more successfully than the UK is (meaning it could actually be a safer place to be than London) the country is still only partially open. A friend of mine is travelling Japan at the moment and is talking of many closed attractions, venues with reduced hours etc. Logistically I could still complete my trip, but I wouldn’t be experiencing Japan in it’s full glory. I can only get the Working Holiday Visa once and I don’t want to squander the opportunity.

The only sightseeing I’ll be doing will be from the roof of my apartment building

Because I decided to postpone when I did, I’m able to continue on in my job and my flat as I hadn’t quite reached the point of no return with leaving either. How fortuitous! Less fortunately, all the work I put into carefully curating my trip around various holidays and festivals in Japan has been wasted. I can’t exactly re-plan my trip until I know when I’m going to be travelling over there. Funnily enough, there’s a fair amount of uncertainty around when that might be at present!

All in all, I’m in a privileged position and therefore am not too upset about all of this happening. I’ll get to Japan eventually for sure. But if I have to spend 3 – 6 months of my life in lockdown/inside – I may as well do it while being paid a London salary and having all my creature comforts. It also affords me plenty of time to dream of other trips I can do in the future (another long multi-country trip round Europe is really tempting me). Mainly, I’m just hoping that we can get this virus under control so that the loss of life and stress on our health services is minimal. Travelling can wait for sure 🙂

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