Where to begin? I haven’t written about a trip I’ve taken in here for almost two years. Can I even call myself a travel blogger any more?

Existential questions aside, I suppose there’s nothing for it but to just pick up where I left off. For much of 2021, foreign travel wasn’t really on the cards. As a result, I ended up taking many short trips within the UK; I made it to Bournemouth, Scarborough and Yorkshire, Norfolk, Warwick, Shropshire and Wales, Whitstable and Canterbury which were all lovely without exception.

There is a lot of beauty to be found on ol’ Blighty


when I started writing in here today I didn’t think it would be worth recapping those trips. However, now that I think of it, it does seem fitting to touch on them here. I am a fan of the UK and do genuinely think it’s one of the most wonderful countries to explore (if it’s sunny). So let’s talk about England.

The impressive Bournemouth beach

So, Bournemouth, what’s it like? Allegedly it has a big beach and it’s full of old people. My visit more or less confirmed both to be true, although I was surprised to learn there were also plenty of young people, and plenty of places to drink. Despite travel being pretty restricted at the time, the town seemed pretty busy, and I was unable to even get in to the hottest bar in town, located at the end of the pier. I have to say, Bournemouth beach is objectively pretty outstanding. I’d say the highlight of the trip was renting bikes and cycling away from town along the many-mile-long promenade.

Scarborough Castle looking resplendent

When I told friends, colleagues and well-wishers that I was taking a short holiday to Scarborough and surrounds with my (now ex) boyfriend, I was greeted with many a bemused and disgusted look. But our trip up to Yorkshire was absolutely lovely. Scarborough’s waterfront may have seen better days, but its castle is stunning. We also visited York which is obviously brilliant, took the bus up to Whitby to see the Abbey which was pretty awesome and finally we visited a Bird Garden/Animal Park near Filey which was so cute!

The imposing Whitby Abbey
York Minster

Visiting Warwick Castle was a great idea of mine, which saw us taking a train from London at the end of December for the day. A live falconry show, a mosey around some beautiful rooms inside the castle and then a heavenly piece of cake and cup of tea in a nearby cafe made for a perfect little trip.

Warwick Castle on a gloomy December day

The other trips were lovely, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I cannot overstate the benefits of getting out of London to escape to the countryside every now and then though. Whenever I do it, I realise I’ve been carrying a little kernel of anxiety in me all week long that somehow lessens as soon as I see a few trees, or the sea. I’m writing this now after not leaving London for months – so it’s serving as a great reminder for me to book a train and go see some more of our charming little country.

Holkham Beach in Norfolk
Blickling Hall in Norfolk


  1. Good to see you blogging again Charlie, I was wondering with things opening up whether you might be reimagining your Japanese sojourn or not – seems they are once again issuing visas. A nice UK article you have presented here, Whitby and Scarborough are great, with Scarborough I’m always reminded of ‘The Royal’ TV series for which the external shots were filmed around the Red Court Building on the cliff. You are right in that there’s certainly much to do in UK ! Here in Asia, some parts are still too slow and cautious in opening up after Covid – never mind.


    1. Thanks for the comment Ben! Yes a lot has changed this past couple of years, life’s been chaotic with all the lockdowns. For better or worse, the UK has more or less moved on from the pandemic. With Japan now reopening its borders finally, I certainly am planning to visit the country next year. But I’ll be writing about it soon 😉


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